November Dev Diary: No more jelly!

Is it that time again? It’s the last day of the month, that means I have been summoned to my little corner of the internet for my (slightly) regular monthly dev log. As always, I’ll discuss what I’ve been up to, what’s new & what’s next. Let’s begin…

Last Month

Before I begin I want to apologise, last month I said I’d post a quick update when Jelly Toss is available, I completely forgot about that until now! My bad. If you follow these posts & haven’t seen already, Jelly Toss (+updates) is out now! Get it here:

Everything else I managed, when it was released I did my usual posts letting people know. Then as expected, received a wave of messages from friends pointing out bugs & potential improvements. From there I rushed to get the first update out.



As I just said, Jelly Toss is finally available! I’m so excited I had to mention it twice, if you haven’t got it on your phone yet, what are you waiting for? Towards the beginning of the month I posted about it’s release:

Then as usual the competition started, people posted their high scores, and I shared every one throughout the month! When it started the scores were fairly tame:

From there things got crazy! Everyone was fighting for first:

Until the ultimate score was set:

I tried beating it myself but ended up dying at 524 (so damn close!). At least I secured myself second place! The iOS leaderboards have some decent scores too, and there’s still a chance to claim first for anyone who wants the crown:

Think you can beat our scores? Do it, let me know when you have & I’ll happily share it.


With many people playing the game all at once, of course some bugs would be found. 99% of them were minor problems most people wouldn’t notice. But even a couple of major faults slipped into version 1. I won’t talk about them all but here’s an example of a smaller bug:

On android, the notification icon appears as a grey block (it was working fine on iOS). Of course, this doesn’t break anything, but it doesn’t look good so it needed fixing. There was also a higher priority notification bug, some display your high score & encourage you to beat it. However, it read the score from an old playerprefs file that doesn’t exist, so it would always return 0!

Another minor but more annoying bug involved my review pop up on iOS. Yeah, remember that reusable asset I said I made (and fixed) in last months post? It was still a little broken. Basically, I’d forgot to save the delay (games before the pop up appears) on iOS. So it would ask, you’d play, then it would ask again straight away. This was easily fixed and now my reusable review pop up is finally perfect (I hope).

Besides that, there was only one major bug that caused any real problems. For some reason, on older iOS devices (iPhone SE 1st gen and below) there was a lighting issue that caused all textures to appear bright white, and the fog in the background did the same thing. You can see what I mean here:

This one took a while to figure out & fix. It’s hard to explain even now, but all it took was changing one value on the skybox shader from 0 to 0.001 (because apparently it can’t be 0).


All the bugs above & more were fixed in the first update. But bugs weren’t the only highlight, the first and second update included some nice new content.

Firstly, it’s only right to add some new unlocks. My original plan was 2 new hats and a couple new eyes, but you know me, I always have to push it. So we ended up with 5 new hats and 5 new eyes which can all be seen here:

Then I had to include a feature that was highly requested, a pause button. Honestly this wasn’t too hard, I could have put one in the first release. But I didn’t because I didn’t expect people to be scoring high enough to need one! They proved me wrong.

There was a few other things included, bug fixes, performance updates, small features. The most notable being the extra points. People didn’t think it was fair to get less points for skipping platforms. Arguably it takes more skill to jump further than it does to hit each one, so I added bonus points:

It was originally one point per platform skipped but that wasn’t enough, so I doubled the reward!

Dan returns

Surprisingly, somewhere between people competing to be the Jelly king/queen, Don’t Drop Dan made a return. The old king (Tommy) was dethroned and everyone took a shot at getting that top spot:

I even had a little go myself, I say little, it was a 5 hour+ session that secured me the first place spot(briefly). This didn’t last long though, with everyone competing, Tommy had to make a return and secure his first place once again, which he did with a really impressive score:

That put an end to that. Everyone had hope then hope was lost. It was really fun to revive this project though and see some old & new players get involved.

Planning my next move…

Before I do anything else I’m working on one final Jelly Toss update, this one will include plenty of new stuff as well as the all important xmas update. I’ve done something Christmas themed almost every game, it’s only right to let your jelly get into the spirit of things too. It probably wont be the last update but after this I’m shifting focus to my other projects, old and new. I’ve already made a start, so it should be out soon. Here’s an unrelated extra feature included in this update (daily bonus):

Alongside updates I want to work on my next YouTube video, the last one did well but since then things have been quiet over there. I’ve plenty of video ideas so it’s time to work on some. I’m thinking I’ll start posting a semi-regular dev log as this gives me a repeating video. Don’t worry, these posts will continue as normal!

And finally, in the middle of all this chaos, I’ve come up with a short & sweet idea for my next game. That’s probably a lie, it’s never short & sweet. But I’m excited to start working on it so I best get to work, there’s lots to be getting on with.

Goals for December

I’ve pretty much covered the goals for next month in the last section. There was a lot to talk about so I put it above instead. But here’s a shorter version:

  • Finish & publish the final Jelly Toss update
  • Record & edit a new video
  • Start updating old projects alongside that^

The main goal is the first two, the update needs to be out within the first week (ASAP) then I want a video before December ends. Should be easy enough. If I’m fast about it there should be plenty of time to enjoy the holidays too.

Until next time…

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