March Dev Diary: No More Buttons!

Is it that time again? It’s the last day of the month, that means I have been summoned to my little corner of the internet for my (slightly) regular monthly dev log. As always, I’ll discuss what I’ve been up to, what’s new & what’s next. Let’s begin…

Last Month

It’s finally here! Your new favourite button pushing game. It took longer than expected because I spent some extra time polishing up, it was needed. But finally my 5th game and it’s updates are out on Google Play and the App Store. Get it here:

As for the video, sadly I’ve only just started that job over the past week. It’s still in the early stages but it’s coming along. So let’s talk about it all! 

This Month

Unfinished Business

First things first, the game was done. So why did it take an extra week and half before it showed up on the store? The answer is simple, polish and bugs. I wasn’t happy with how the game looked, it was very basic, so before I released it I gave it a quick makeover. We went from these plain ugly buttons:

To these nice new shiny buttons:

Everything improved drastically, I mean even the settings screen looks better now:

It was definitely worth delaying. Once done, I went on to do a final test, had to make sure everything was ready to release. When I get to this stage I make sure the game is compatible with every screen size. After all, there’s plenty of phones/tablets all with different screens. Turns out, it was a little broken. I ran into a few scaling issues that ruined the UI, since most the game is UI, this was a problem. 

It wasn’t too much bother to fix, but it did take some doing to get right. I think the problem was that this is my first landscape mobile game. Every other has been portrait and has been optimised that way. This required a slightly different set up, at least I’ve learned something for future projects. 

First Release

It was finally time to release the game! For once there wasn’t any issues here, I managed to build & upload without any problems and my game got accepted first time. Not very often I point out the positives but it’s nice when things go smoothly. 

First Update

The first update was short and sweet. I fixed a few bugs and made some small improvements. I slightly increased the resolution of the buttons. Fixed the white button, it looked weird when pressed (seemed to have a lighter shadow). Then just to add a little more I added a black button: 

It was already in the game (settings & skip) but it wasn’t a main button. Why not add it to the game so there’s even more to press! Last but not least I added text based levels: 

Some extra confusion to add to the fun, better pay attention! 

Final Update

The second update was more content based. Firstly I added the ability to remove ads:

Then I added 2 new levels, technically 4 but they are based around two level types. Firstly we have a higher/lower theme. Each button has a random number and you have to either press the highest or the lowest:

It’s something a little different to mix up the gameplay. Similarly there’s the bigger/smaller task which changes the button sizes and you either have to click the smallest or the biggest button: 

Both require you to pay attention and react fast. Which fits this game perfectly. As much as I’d like to keep going and add more craziness, this will be the final update for now. I may return but for now I need to focus on…

The Videos (plan)

I have a plan! (again)

No, seriously, I was going to make one long video talking about both Jelly Toss & Button Pusher. But why not split them into separate videos? There’s definitely enough to talk about. Plus it’s a little extra marketing for both games. I’ve already started working on the first one, and hope to wrap up and start on the other straight away. Stay tuned (+subscribe)! 

Next Month

April may be somewhat quieter in terms of gamedev. It’s time to finally focus on the videos! There’s two I want to make minimum and If I have time I have an idea for the third. That way I can get ahead, post one now and release the other some time after. 

If I have time towards the end of the month (fingers crossed) I can start work on my next game, we will see how things go. Let’s focus on one thing at a time.

That’s all, the goals are pretty straightforward, let’s get to work! 

Until next time…

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